Trips íní Treats is jointly managed by Penny McCloskey and Theresa Snow who have over 20 years experience between them working in the care sector. The past 10 years have been spent working in the learning disability sector supporting adults with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling lives, promoting independence whilst maintaining a duty of care towards them. Both Theresa and Penny subscribe to the Person Centred Planning approach when supporting clients.

There seemed to us both to be a need for people with learning disabilities to enjoy the nicer things in life that most of us take for granted. Although support is provided to service users to do every day things such as shopping trips, arranging employment and college courses often there is not the time and resources to take the service users to visit museums, parks, seaside resorts, the list of places is endless. –Penny McCloskey

At Trips Ďní Treats we can provide the full support that is needed so that the service users can choose when and where they would like to go. –Theresa Snow

Both Penny and Theresa have enhanced CRB clearance.


  • To work within the Person Centred Planning Framework.
  • To provide a high quality service.
  • To tailor the service to the needs of the individual.
  • To maintain respect and dignity of the service user at all times.
  • To maintain confidentiality at all times.


  • Initial assessment meeting.
  • Personal pen pictures of each individual service user.
  • Risk assessments (where necessary.)
  • Written and verbal feedback after each outing.
  • Listening the to wishes of the service user.
  • Adhering to the service user care plans where applicable.
  • Keeping all records safely stored in locked cabinets when not in use.