Trips ‘n’ Treats are a service designed to meet the needs of each individual Service User. We therefore need to be aware of all prescribed medication, Risk Assessments, Care Plans and medical conditions. This information will be gathered during the Initial  Assessment meeting. If following the Assessment meeting any of this relevant information has changed then it is the responsibility of the Service User or Carer to insure that we are informed of these changes.

A current Care & Support Plan will be in place whist receiving our service.  Three  monthly monitoring  calls will be made and an Annual Service Review will take place.   Any actions will be put into Care & Support plan.

Prescribed Current Medication required by the Service User when with Trips ‘n’ Treats must be clearly labelled with the Service User’s name, dosage, and time of administration, correct procedure for the administration and any protocols or emergency procedures in place.

Trips ‘n’ Treats are insured to  administer prescribed medication and all staff are trained in the  safe administration, of medication.

There are certain medications that can only be administered by a qualified nurse. These issues will be discussed at the assessment meeting where any necessary Risk Assessments, Protocols and Procedures can be actioned.

Trips ‘n’ Treats minimum working time with any one Service User will be three hours and the maximum will be eight hours. (In certain circumstances this is open to negotiation).

There will be a ratio of no more than five  Service Users per member of staff at any time.  This will be needs assessed and scored at  initial assessment to decide which size group would be suitable.

Trips ‘n’ Treats would ask that the Service User provides any specialist equipment e.g. beakers, eating utensils, where necessary.

Any monies required for outings such as spending money, entrance fees must be provided for Service User and Carer at the start of the trip.

All monies handed over will be receipted where required before departure and all receipts of monies spent will be handed back to the Service User/Carer on return from trip. A Trip Journal will be given at the end of each trip.

Trips ‘n’ Treats have full Public/Employers Liability Insurance up to £5 million.


Cancellations received 24 hours before trip is due will not be charged on uncontracted work.

Cancellations made on the day of the trip will be charged at full rate on uncontracted work.

Any Service User who is either contracted or uses a regular slot each week for one month or over will be required to give one months notice for termination of service in writing.

These cancellation fees apply at all times unless due to exceptional circumstances.

All invoices will be forwarded at the end of the month, remittance is asked for within 14 days of invoice date.

Late payments will be charged at the rate of 0.50% per month end.

Trips ‘n’ Treats office hours 9am – 5pm (Monday to Friday) numbers to call

Office 01442 531236

Lynne Hubbard, Team Leader 07949259059

Penny McCloskey, Service Manager/Director 07749790516

Theresa Snow, Service Manager/Director 07749237033

All Public Bank Holidays will be charged at double rate  if Service Users wish to book trips on these days.
All regular work will be invoiced if any G.P. etc appointments are made within contracted hours.

Trips ‘n’ Treats reserve the right to refuse to support any service user who is seen to be unwell at start of trip.

All service users/Carers are welcome to read all Trips ‘n’ Treats generic risk assessments at commencement of service.

All contracted work will be billed on a 52 week/year basis.